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Video Advertising

We have extensive experience in running and optimizing video advertising campaigns for YouTube, Facebook and other platforms.

More than 70% of consumers each month view videos online. Advertising your video on YouTube or Facebook is a great way for your businesses to reach your target audience. Are you being found? If not, your competitor might. Competition for audience attention is fierce today and we can help you run the campaign in a way that makes sure you gain an advantage to other brands competing for the same audience.

Our YouTube Advertising services and Facebook Advertising Services provide you with a cost effective way of targeting your exact audience on those channels. Don’t yet have a video produced? Learn about our video production services.

Plans and Pricing

One Video

  • 1 Video Campaign
  • 30 Min Consultation
  • Does Not Include Platform PPC Costs

3 Videos

  • 3 Video Campaigns
  • 60 Min Consultation
  • Does Not Include Platform PPC Costs

A free phone consultation with one of our video marketing experts to discuss your business and objectives

We will setup your YouTube campaign and make fine tuning and optimizations for the first month

We send you reports once a week outlining the results of the YouTube Promoted video campaign

We make adjustments and fine tune the campaign each week for the first month to make sure we are optimizing the campaign to your desired results