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Seven G Media is lucky to work with a couple of great cinematographers.

They have traveled the world and throughout the Pacific Northwest working on some really fascinating projects and for a diverse range of clients, from small one-person businesses to Fortune 100 companies. What we like most about them is their desire to better understand the client’s objectives for each project, as well as their resourcefulness and creativity (two traits that are getting more and more hard to find).

Tom Frisch

Cinematographer. Editor. Director of Photography. Motion Graphics. 

Tom is a 20+ veteran of creative, from cinematography to building websites to mastering the Adobe Creative Suite. He has managed his own production company, Tom11, for more than 13 years. His clients have included NBCSports Network, Discovery Channel International, Fox Sports Network, Smithsonian Institute, City of Portland, City of Baton Rouge, Nike, and Adidas.