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Businesses who use video grow revenue 49% faster than non-video users. Here are three easy ways to build your brand with video that you can start doing today.

1 – Livestream Your Next Tradeshow or Marketing Event

A great way to reach customers and prospects is through trade shows, marketing events, or even your local chamber of commerce event. This has been the case for decades. You can update that strategy by livestreaming the experience to reach a larger audience who couldn’t attend the event.

Livestreaming also creates a new opportunity to interact and engage with those attending the event. Stop them ask for a quick interview about the event, what questions they have, and what are they learning.

According to one marketing automation vendor, 80% of customers remember a video they watched in the last month. So the more opportunities to get out there and in front of your prospects, the greater opportunity you have to build your brand.

2 – Emphasize Your Thought Leaders

For many of us, we have to learn a lot of unique and special skills to be great at our jobs. And for even more folks, you have to continually learn new skills or refresh your skills through continuing education classes. Well, take what you are learning and share it. No, I am not talking about some rehash of a class you attended, but as a though leader on a subject. For example, I attended a digital marketing conference this summer, and learned a new strategy for using video and social media to get the attention of news media. I could create a short video that explains those steps and share with my prospects.

This creates a potential sales opportunity for me, as well as establishes my expertise on the topic of video marketing.

Attorneys do this all the time when they write articles following a state’s legislative session and they are providing an overview of all the new laws that will take effect, and what it may mean to their target audience.

3 – Reach out and Interview Other Thought Leaders

There is no rule that the thought leaders you record on video and share throughout your platforms must be an employee. Think about all the experts you know that you could interview on a subject that overlaps your own product or service. For me, I could interview someone who is an expert in SEO and talk about how video boosts SEO and helps more people find your business via search engines.

The interview doesn’t even have to mention your company or be an endorsement of your organization. The idea is to show your experts are in tune with what’s going on in your industry and that you listen as well as you share your opinion.

Have another tip for using video to build your brand? Share it with us in the comments, or via social.

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